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Marcia So Cross with Nicolette

It's bitching time once again on Wisteria Lane and this time it's a new Desperate Housewife getting in on the act.

Nicolette Sheridan, who plays Edie Britt in the hit show, has got her claws out for a double whammy of cattiness.

First off, Nicolette revealed she's no desperate actress and actually turned down the role of Brit Van De Kamp before signing on as vampy Edie.

She claimed the character was too "neurotic and uptight", leaving Marcia Cross - who was eventually cast in the role - seething.

Marcia has since reportedly avoided a party the blonde babe was attending.

And if that wasn't enough back-stabbing, Nicolette has also proclaimed herself and Teri Hatcher as "the best couple on the show".

The 41-year-old elaborated, "I think we have the best chemistry."

Nicolette's outburst comes as a tad surprising, as she had been the chief campaigner against reports that the girls weren' getting along on set.

"It's so silly," she said. "People can't be happy with good news."

Right, desperate husbands - it's your turn to get moaning!

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