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Ficlet omg

Title: This Year's Girl
Author: cecilialisbon_
Fandom: Desperate Housewives
Pairing: Susan/Edie
Rating: PG-13
A/N: Very short ficlet. Um, make up your own minds about it. Cross-posted to saffic

She wasn't jealous. Since her high school graduation when she realised there was more to life than trying for everyone to like you, Edie Britt had promised herself never to be jealous of another woman, and especially not a woman like Susan Meyer. No, Edie wouldn't feel envious of Susan Meyer who might as well be Wisteria Lane's very own head cheerleader. She wouldn't be jealous of Susan because whilst she had Mike in her bed, Edie had Susan begging in her own.

It's about the sex because it has to be. She's a sexual being, not an emotional one and so that's how she plays the game. And when she has sex with Susan, hot and fast before Mike or Julie realise she's gone, Edie isn't even sure if she likes her. But it feels good to have the cheerleader wrapped around her finger. She's popular for once, even if she's only this year's girl.

potion_mistress - I hope it's OK to post :)
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