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Title: "Grudges"


Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: I'm thinking that what happens in this fic (In highschool) is the reason why Susan and Edie are so cold to eachother on the show. I don't know if my made-up explanation is a spoiler, but just to be safe. I should note that the highschool and students I mention are original and weren't referenced from DH.

Response to Challenge: #1 (Edie and Susan in highschool)

A/N: This fic will have a "present" story and an intertwining "past" story.
I'll always signify which is which. Oh yah! And I also forgot the name of their town. I guessed "Fairveiw"...?


Wisteria Lane is silent tonight. Haunted by ghosts both dead and living. There, on dimly lit porch steps, sits

a particularly lonely specter: Susan Mayer. But although she might feel alone, she isn't. Someones watching her.

Edie Britt stands hidden in shadows only fifty feet away. She strokes the white-washed boards of a picket fence

while drinking in the shape and movement of Fairview's home-coming queen.


"Let's go Tigers, let's go!" The cheerleaders chanted, pom-poms in flight.

Edie and her best friend, Angela Fay, were seated on a crowded bleacher at Fairview High's mandatory


"Jesus Christ..." Angela scoffed and lit a cigarette.

"Miss Fay, you will put that out at once!"  The vice principal was beside himself in excitement.

Angela rolled her eyes and dropped it into a neighboring kid's Coke can. "Hey Edie! What's wrong with you?

You've been spacing out ever since we got here." She nudged her friend.


"What the hell's so interesting?"

Edie averted her gaze from the cheerleaders to the football team.

"Ooooh...So you're checking out that Jack Valenti, huh?" Angela popped a piece of gum in her mouth. "So, what'd you guys do Saturday?"

Edie wasn't listening.

"Hey, You're doing it again!"

"What? Oh, fucked 'im." She shrugged." Edie didn't know what depressed her more: The fact that it was true,

or the fact that she acted so casually about it.

Angela smacked her gum. "Nice."

Edie gradually let her focus wander back to the cheerleaders, eventually zeroing in on Susan Mayer. Edie could deffinately see why, with her impossibly short skirt, every boy in the school wanted the girl.

Well, every boy and her.


"Hello." Edie finally worked up enough courage to cross the fence's threshold.

"Oh, hi." Susan jumped. "Where'd you come from?"

"I was just out for a walk." She said casually, looking at her nails. "What are you a cop?"

There never was and never would be any winning with this woman. "Join me?"

Edie put her hands on her hips and looked Susan up and down. "I suppose if you want me to." She flipped her hair.

Susan sighed and nodded her head in resignation. "Thanks, so much."

     In the darkness, Edie took advantage of tracing the outlines of her body. Her legs, hips, stomach, *gasp* breasts, shoulders, neck, and face. That beautiful face. Her gaze lingered on susans parted pink lips as they sat in silence. "They'd been mine once." she thought, "Even in that hell-hole of a locker room and even against the will of their owner they'd been all mine.


     It was late and the last of the students were filing out of the auditorium when Edie saw Susan walk down stairs to the locker room.

"I'll be right there, you guys. i just forgot something."

     Edie cautiously followed Susan down the stairs and into the pink, swinging doors. They were the only ones still there.

     Susan was fumbling through her purse for lipstick when she heard an all-knowing sigh. She didn't even have to think about who it was. She spun around and, sure enough, there the blond stood with a cocked eyebrow and a seductive expression.

"Hi." Susan managed a tight smile.

Edie just nodded and inched closer.

"So, how've you been?"

Edie shrugged. Another step.

"I'm fine, just so tired! You know, we haven't seen eachother since jr. high. Gosh, we were such close friends. Sometimes you gotta wonder where on earth the time went." As Susan rambled on, Edie was steadily closing in on her, a cocky expression on her pretty face.

"Hmmm...well, I should be going now. But hey, it was real great talking to y-"

     Edie grabbed Susans hips and pulled her into her body. The other girls stood frozen as Edies fingers trailed up her back, over her shoulders, and into her hair. She crashed their lips together and Susan began to wriggle and push her away. Edie, always open to a challenge, simply spun her around and slammed her against a row of lockers. Edie laughed as she let her hand slide over the girl's butt and down to her thigh. Susan, who was frantic at this point, heaved her weight into Edie and sent her staggering backwards.

"What in the hell was that?!"


"No. Who do you think you are that you can just walk up to people and do that?!"

And for the first time in all of her seventeen years, Edie was speechless. She had no quip or insult. She couldn't even wink the situation away with one of her sexy looks. She was left, raw and alone. "Susan, please." Edie reached for her hand.

"Don't touch me!"

    She heard the doors swing violently and echo her rejection through the halls. She hung her head.


"So, where's your therapist?"

"Julie, is at my mother's for the night. Or as I like to call it 'Keeping the beast at bay'".

There was a long pause.

"Can I ask you something?" Susan looked thoughtful. This was never good.

Edie picked her head up from her hands and nodded.

"That day, you kissed me back in highschool, did you do that just to screw with me?"

She shook her head and laughed, bitterly. "Pretty pathetic, right?"

      Susan put her hand on the small of Edie's back and leaned in to kiss her cheek. Edie shifted her head and they were nose-to-nose. Susan looked down at her lips and up again. She leaned in and kissed her. her hands rose tentatively to Edies shoulders as it deepened and Edie caressed her sides. She pulled away from Susan and began to kiss down her jawline, stopping to nibble at her neck. Susan dragged her nails down Edie's back and gasped.

       Edie didn't know what excited her more: The fact that Susan Mayer just kissed her, or the fact that she was presently being pushed onto her bed.

       Edie gripped Susan's waist and gentley pulled her under her body. Both of their shirts lay discarded on the floor. Edie brushed the hair out of Susans face and leaned forward. Her hand started to trace the lining of the woman's slacks.

"Let me do this for you." She wispered into her ear.

        Susan hissed and nodded her head rapidly. Edie kissed a line down Susan's torso while carefully tugging her pants off. She wore white lace.

"How virginal." Edie mused as she flicked her toungue out along their hem.

Susan stiffened and twisted her fingers in the sheets. "Please." She panted.

        Edie slid her panties off and slowly began to kiss between her legs. Susan bucked her hips as Edie delved her toungue deeper and began to tease her clit. She moaned as Edie thrusted faster and could feel her orgasm rising. Just seconds away from her climax, Edie lifted her head up.

"Ohh...Don't stop!" She begged.

But Edie was already buttoning her shirt with a maniacal sense of calmness.

"What?! Where are you going?!" Desperation rang through her voice.

"Nobody pushes me away, Susan." She slid on her black pumps and headed to the bedroom door.

"You can't just leave me like this! Please, come back!" She wimpered, but only the click of the lock responded. It was just as deafening as those swinging doors.

     Edie was never in denial about loving Susan, but if there was one thing she craved more than that love, it was that revenge.

      Wisteria Lane is almost silent tonight. Only the distant sobs from a scorned lover can be heard.


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