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"Show Me More"

Title: Show Me More
Author: cecilialisbon_
Pairing: Susan/Edie
Rating: PG
Author Notes: Spoilers for “Ladies Who Lunch”. Written after too many diet sodas and too little sleep. Cross-posted to saffic (complete with community pimpage *g*)
Summary: She tried not to think of Susan's complaints as whines...

Edie: …they go to bars with their girlfriends, maybe have one too many and then make out with some strange man in the back of a dark alley. - 1.16 [Ladies Who Lunch]

x o x o x o

She’d gained some kind of strange satisfaction that it had been her, Edie Britt, that had dragged Susan from her pity party and forced her into the wide world outside. Edie had no idea why she felt an odd sense of fulfillment but not wanting to indulge in any of that time consuming introspection, she concluded that it was no doubt due to the fact that the quicker Susan found a new boy-toy, the sooner Edie could bed a certain hunky plumber. Why, for the first time, she felt like she had to wait for an acceptable time to pass [a sentiment that had never come over her before] was a mystery though, and one that Edie didn’t feel warranted any further investigation.

So here they both were, in some random bar where she was currently knocking back whatever alcohol the barman provided. Whatever intoxicant it was, it was doing a good job of blocking Susan’s complaints [she tried not to think of them as whines] about her relationship with Mike.

“Sorry, am I boring you?” Susan’s voice penetrated her consciousness and Edie turned to look at her companion.

“Huh?” She asked, unaware that she’d given any indication of being uninterested. Truthfully, Edie found it slightly difficult to care about Susan’s predicament; all it proved was her theory that men were good for one thing and one thing only. Emotions only confused that purpose.

“You were sighing. A lot.” Susan rolled her eyes, “I’m going to leave.” She gathered her purse and coat.

“Why?” Edie rose from her bar stool to stop her friend from leaving, “The night is still young and there are still a lot of unattached men and alcohol to get through.” She gave an appreciative look to some nearby patrons who were taking an interest in her less than modest top.

Susan gave an audible sigh, giving Edie a look that suggested surrender. “One more drink and then I’m leaving. With or without you.”

x o x o x o

One drink turned into more than six. And after half a dozen strong drinks, Susan decided that maybe she should leave the bar from the back door window. The reason why made sense to her at that time, although after the actual night she strained to think of what it was. Regardless of reasoning, she squeezed through the window and landed on top of a bin liner full of something she didn’t want to think about.

“What are you doing out here?” Edie’s voice sprung from the darkness and Susan’s drink-addled brain struggled to think of how Edie had got to the back alley faster than herself.

“You know…” She paused, taking a deep breath as though preparing for a long explanation, “I have no idea.”

Edie smirked and shook her head. “Let’s go.”

“Awwww….” Susan complained in the manner of a teenager let loose for the night. “I wanna go back in….”

“Nuh-uh. You, Miss Meyer, can really not handle your drink.” Edie dragged her along, arm in arm down the back alley of the bar, the middle of the road rock music reverberating outside to their position and the neon light flickered on and off.

“But you promised I’d make out with a strange man,” Susan resisted walking any further, pulling her arm from Edie’s, “And there have been no strange men,” Edie gave her a pointed look, “OK, no strange men that I’ve made out with.”

Before their lips met, Edie knew she was going to regret it. But that had never stopped her before. The kiss lasted an infinitesimal moment, a second that was insignificant to the world which carried on turning despite Edie’s strongest suspicions that the universe may have imploded.

“I’m not strange…”She paused, “Nor a man but it’s a kiss.”

When Susan’s hand reached to her cheek [initiating the next, far more passionate, kiss in a manner Edie had never imagined possible from meek ol’ Susan Meyer] Edie guessed that Susan wasn’t too concerned with technicalities.

The End
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