I am the One (im_stuck) wrote in twostepsforwrd,
I am the One


I find that I don't like the person Nicolette Sheridan but I do love the character she portrays, Edie Britt.

I don't like the fact that there seems to be tension in the cast of DH considering what happened in the latest episode. It was as if the writers decided to separate them on purpose, losing whatever chemistry the show has. The latest episode was a bore. It lacked the usual wit I began to expect of DH. How disappointing.

I'm confused whether or not I should be as eager to watch DH as I used to be. Will the remaining episodes be as... boring as the latest one? WOuld it be right for me, a fan to continue to watch this show in obvious expectation of something excellent?

I wish they won't die out. This world will lose a great show that we are in dire need of.
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